1. Plone is getting easier

    Patrick Gerken


    • http://do3.cc
    • http://www.twitter.com/do3cc
  2. Do you know what Plone is?

    • Enterprise ready CMS
    • Existing since 1999
    • CIA is using it, and LulzSec couldn't hack it so their only option was a DDoS to get it down
  3. Hands up who does not know Plone!
  4. Complaints

    • Theming is too complicated!

      For other platforms I can download ready to use styles!

    Now I show a life demo. Actually, Plone has a new theming story for a while now. You might have heard of deliverance, xdv or diazo. It is a generic system for theming and the zip file bundles all required files into a handy package.
  5. We

  6. have

  7. many

  8. themes

  9. already,

  10. but

  11. we

  12. need

  13. more,

  14. else

  15. I

  16. can't

  17. finish

  18. the

  19. How does it work?

    Image from Katey Nicosia
    The zip file contains a full html example, a small manifest and a rules file. The rules explain, which part of the plone site should go into which part of the example. It is a bit like gluing the layout together. We are making a collage.
  20. Complaints

    • Theming is too complicated!

      For other platforms I can download ready to use styles!

    • I don't like this ZCML, because I don't like XML, because I believe it is too verbose
    Who knows ZCML? Who hates it? You will notice that I know ZCML but do not hate it. If you really want to know, ask me later, buy me a beer if you want. I guarantee, the reason I like it is not because I get lots of free beer.
  21. ZCML

    ZCML is one way to declare components.
    The configuration of the component architecture itself is modular. It does not matter if you configure everything with zcml, or something else.
  22. Other ways for configuration

    There is the grok way.
    • Convention over configuration
    • Decorators
    So yes, there are other ways of declaring components, like the system Plone took from grok. It uses a mixture of decorators and conventions to set up components. With that system in place, you can add a view without writing zcml.