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Better debugging with pdbpp

pdb is a fast tool for debugging, but a bit basic. ipdb has a lot of features but can be very slow if you just want to step out of the pdb session. Pdbpp is a nice solution in the middle of the road. Read more …

by Patrick Gerken on Jan 11, 2011

Do not catch import errors, use pkg_resources

A common solution to handle optional dependencies is a try except wrapper around an import. Cleaning a loaded gun is not common. But both have in common that you can easily shoot yourself in your foot. See here how to handle optional dependencies without risking to shoot yourself. Read more …

by Patrick Gerken on Aug 20, 2010

Dorkbot Munich

The first Dorkbot meeting. You should have been there. Read more …

by Patrick Gerken on Sep 15, 2009