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Wagtail Talks during Arnhem Sprint 2017

written by Patrick Gerken on 2017-03-27

Edd Baldry

Edd gave a wonderful talk about agile development with Wagtail.
I listened, but I did not yet start taking notes.

Ben van't Ende - Building an Open Source Community

I know Four Digits for years. They evolved quite a bit and are very community oriented.
I am community manager/evangelist for Typo 3.
My first conference I can reach by bike.
How should we start building a community.
Just start! Start simple and talk with your community.
How to maintain and grow your community.
Take care of diversity, no Netherlands/Europe/America first!
Survey, 35k people were questioned about main qualities of communities.

How to apply this to technical communities.
Three points to take care of:

Openness: how welcoming is the community. How do you engage with the community.

Purpose: What is the purpose of your community.
Linus Torvalds: Just get shit done (regarding purpose)
Being too focused, hinders engagement.

Soft Skills: A community needs ... (too fast, positive things).
Don't ignore the shy people, try to engage them too.

Daniele Procida - Divio and Wagtail

Divio. Django CMS Developer.

Divio is a hosting platform. Hosting as a service.
Aimed at developers and people who don't want to be deployment experts.
We use docker and git.
We provide 3 environments, local, test, live.
We do not compete with agencies. We don't develop Django.
We add exposure.
We provide quickstart apps for django cms, wagtail and some others.

On screenshots I can see cronjobs backups, collaborators, domains, etc.
Has a gui to install plugins.
Tool allows commits through the web. (I guess settings for additional apps).

My goal for this spring:

Robin von der Rijst - Wagtail in practice

You'll hear tales from the trenches.

Customers want wordpress. We ask them. You really need WP? Common misconceptions:

For sure, with the right Template, it is fine. But customers don't come to us if they just need a template.

Why wagtail:

Why not:

How we use it.

Some tricks I don't get yet becaue I don't do wagtail.

SinglePagePerSiteMixin, for pages that should only exist once. After that, it does not show as addable anymore.

Common patterns

Page model hierarchy:

  1. ProjectBasePage Common page attributes.
  2. Base page with our without visual.
  3. Mixins Pageintro, pagepromo...
  4. ProjectImage.


page promotion:

Wagtail the bad
No file upload in forms.

The ugly
not invented here

Edd Baldry - Streamfields

One of the best things in wagtail.

Problem, streamfield is not userfriendly from accessibility and user friendlyness view.
Deletion is fatal.
Nested streamfields are hard.
Live demo of improvement.

Tom Dyson - Wagtail Experiments

Start Charming Four Digits. Good sprint, good seeing so many people.
A/B Testing for
Existing solutions:

Can get expensive fast. At least first two.

But hard requirements:

Sixpack. ab tool written in python.fende

Cool, but still, we did something on our own.

We reimplemented facebooks fanout with django models and pluggable backends.


Bertrand Bordage - Wagtails preview a new hope

Preview seems to be broken.

Now showing how to break it.
Now showing a table of feature that continue to work, stop working and gets added.
Next showing quite a few problems and how they could be handled.
It is mostly working and then will be better than wordpress.

Please review

I was surprised about having a talk about a Pull Request. 
But from the comments and realized that this was actually quite clever.
The PR seemed to touch some behaviors for which there is no major consensus 
but strong opinion.  

Matt Westcott - The Zen of Wagtail

Early days, not a lot of advance planning
I finally have to write down the guiding principles for developing wagtail

Always wear the right hat.

Let programmers program by writing programs.
Screenshot of page to set fields.
Programmers don't need to configure fields ttw.
Shows a class diagram of what is needed for ttw field creation. Everybody is crying.

SiteAdmin doesn't define content types, programmers do.

wagtail forms example of an ui targeted at content editors.
special forms, let it make the programmer.

Wagtail is just the top of the stack. Don't forget about the rest.

Content management is about transferring information from peoples brains into the db as fast as possible.

Deliver complexity when it's needed, not before.