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Dorkbot Munich

written by Patrick Gerken on 2009-09-15

So there was the first Dorkbot meeting in Munich, and I have been there. It was a very nice event. What surprised me were the many artists who are interested in Arduino. This must be good. If people with different educational background work together, both can learn so much more in a short amount of time.

I presented a project that is nearly implemented and brought some sensors to experiment. Together with Jan I tried to get my acceleration sensor working. I learned some things, but sadly we did not get the sensors working at all. The analog reading was too noisy. It was also drifting... In the end I got it working at home. At home I tried it on the mac, and it worked immediately. Also, at home the Arduino was connected to a mac mini which get its power from the mains, while my laptop was running on a battery.

At home I also tried to get the motors working. It is amazing how much stuff you get done, when you read a bit. Like the motorshield manual for the Ladyada motorshield.

I hope there is enough interest and a room for the next Dorkbot meeting!